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The Festival of Navratri

So these nights we try hard to conquer
the evils that make us go astray;
We worship all deities to prosper,
to live lives with joy, to win each fray.

We’ll Kill Ourselves for Sushant

With the horrendous rape of a teenager now grabbing the newspaper headlines and with more and more people dying terrible deaths on account of the deadly Coronavirus in India, what justifies the protests being held at Jantar Mantar demanding Justice for SSR?

An Ode to Lord Vishnu

Variety thou adoreth, thousand-named.
With no beginning or end floweth thou,
creating great creators who are famed.

Sushant Singh Rajput, Drugs, and Fake Media

This country needs no men who’ve got no spine
to talk about issues concerning all;
So all who have just played around too fine
should now say, ‘Pardon us’ to mend their line.

To Krishna, With Love

The worlds fourteen In You Quite Finely Dwell,
Of all the causes You’re the only cause;
Will You what’s true come forward now and tell?
So I may quick unlearn what’s known as false?

Hulloing India’s Most Celebrated Youngest Chess Coach

On being asked what really matters to become proficient in the game, Sundarrajan states what Mr N Venkatraman had told him once: Mindset, practice, and diet. He also lets me know that he oftentimes advises his students to consume foodstuffs that aid in boosting one’s memory and concentration.

The Fall

What suggests autumn’s beginning you think?
Time when leaves assume hues more than seven.
Green turns orange, black, red, even dark pink.
Having tea with bun is purely fun when.

The Free Indian

Today as we celebrate Independence Day;
I would like to state this crystal clear
If you are in India, you have a say;
And that you have to keep in mind, my dear.

India’s Tibet

That night, while the four of us were readying ourselves to return to Delhi, I sat myself down, closed my eyes, and hoped to visit the place again. I recounted the peaceful faces of the Buddhist monks I had seen and meditated upon the serenity of Lord Buddha’s famed golden statue.