Category: Rhythmic and Metric

Many Minds, Many Kinds

Minds there are so many,
and views they have their own.
Seem some strange, some funny,
All here to die alone.

You Fail to Fathom

Between right and wrong torn,
your mind does facts distort.
A small mistake that’s made
seems like a deadly rot.

Where Is God?

You ask me who engendered these small worlds,
but ask I who begot the cause of all.
If God exists, where is he now, please say,
and also if he likes spring, summer, fall.
My mind does boggle sighting cosmic curls.


‘The door remained but shut;
for no one wanted then to see her face.
People now called her slut
without a rhyme or reason, such sad case.’

World Ours Daedalian

World ours Daedalian
makes me bewildered.
‘Who’s the controller?’
stays now unanswered.
I but conjecture.

The Dowager is Dead

Your look lascivious
did shame the dowager;
You’re but a cottager,
one that’s presumptuous.

To Krishna, With Love

The worlds fourteen In You Quite Finely Dwell,
Of all the causes You’re the only cause;
Will You what’s true come forward now and tell?
So I may quick unlearn what’s known as false?


Those guys ruthless, went hitting hard;
Circling him, hurled they abuses.
He, however, prayed to his God,
Begging Him to heal his bruises.

What if the Sun Vanished Now?

Time determines all the seasons that go.
Were the Sun now ceased, would Moon come this near?
What would transpire were the Sun to vanish, d’you know?

Mind Thy Mind

Wherefrom do thou get those thoughts, thou must state.
And all the mind reminds itself be known,
for they may help protect from all unknown;
Thus keeping thee content at any rate.