Category: Limericks

The Man With the Hat

That man with the brown hat did speak his mind;
I heard him out, told him that he was kind.
But he then shouted,
slapped me and pouted;
‘I am freakish,’ he said. ‘That now d’you find?’

A Game of Hopscotch

The boy named Samuel today played hopscotch;
He asked me to join, but I said, ‘Might I watch?’

Fly on the Wall

A fly on the wall she was all throughout,
And what she knew was only how to pout.
But she fell in love
With a man with a cow.
That’s when she aspired to become famous. Any doubt?

The Old Man Tumbles Down

On his way he saw a tame deer
Being eaten by a corpulent bear
So he ran as fast as he could and tumbled down.