Awfully Alliterating

Box That B!

Bees buzz about as bombs blast, boom!
The letter ‘B’ brazen bickers and boos.
Be that as it may, beings work not be.
Breaching banks, blare bays, that d’you see?

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Boxes break bad so new ones we go buy.
Broken brains bleed, hardly utter buh-bye.
By the way, newsbreaks are broken each day.
Bands that perform oftentimes do bray.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Not the band with a burn you don during breaks.
For that hardly bumbles unless broiled or baked.
But beauties beckon, ‘Booties we have, bud.’
Not what you believe, oops, not that butt.

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Oh, but booties we obtained, had fun after.
Buns we needn’t have now, (bouts of laughter).
Besmirched big bosses, banished from this brand.
Bellow and bleat, ‘Buy us a beautiful land.’

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Brown black cocks coo on a big bland bed.
Blunders they do, but brazenly mend.
Butter with bread makes days their beguiling.
Books we book by the brook though are killing.

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Be brave because B blatantly bids now bye.
Biggie you are, so bounce, my bearish boy!

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