Round Robins

The Dilemma

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Inez found herself in a dilemma the next morning. How would she befriend Pierce, a malodorous guy with a horrid goatee and a jacked build? Beyond a shadow of a doubt, he fell into the category of guys that she stayed away from!

Notwithstanding, she had never had friends in her life, and this was one of the reasons for her dwelling alone in a small apartment right in the centre of a city with over ten million people. Her conduct, anyhow, ensured she made many a foe.

Be that as it may, Inez was an excogitative girl. She always executed the tasks assigned to her diligently, and she had hitherto never given up on a single task she had assumed responsibility for. This time Inez knew well that getting to understand Pierce was the first step she had to take to feign friendship.

But how would she do that? Would it be easy to fool a guy like Pierce? Besides, how much time would it take for her to prise out the information Mr Pine wanted? Well, these were the questions that lingered in her mind even as she realised that time was running out. Every minute henceforth would matter. Nay, every second.

She readied herself, repasted upon a burger, and exited her apartment. A barking dog came in her way only to be shooed away by her. Upon arriving at the bus stand five minutes after, she dialled the principal. And when Mr Pine didn’t answer her call, she quickly made a call to one of his assistants, who went by the name of Darcy White. Being the head girl of the school, Inez had the luxury of calling up those who managed the school affairs whenever she desired. And she only made the most use of the luxury.

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‘Hello, Ms White! How are you faring today?’ Inez asked in her usual nonchalant tone, letting out a cough soon after.

‘Good morning, Inez. How is it that you thought of calling me now?’ Ms White said, visibly perplexed. Ms White was not wont to ask others how they fared, nor was she used to answering the question.

‘Well, I tried reaching Mr Pine now, but he isn’t answering my call. I would like to let you know that I may be late by twenty minutes.’

‘Noted, Inez. And Mr Pine, by the way, was admitted to the Max Hospital last night after he had met with an accident. It is learnt he is in the ICU,’ said Ms White, her voice shaking as she spluttered these words.

‘What? You ought to be kidding me! How did he have the accident?’ asked Inez as her heart skipped a beat. Something was sure amiss, and Inez appeared to sense that.

‘I am sorry, but I would not be able to divulge the details over the phone, Inez. Please come to the reception and meet me. We shall discuss the matter in private,’ Ms White suggested, hanging up the call.

Inez awaited the bus, but after five minutes, her patience ran out. Thereupon, she hailed a taxi. Upon arriving at the school, she paid more than what the chauffeur had demanded, and sprinted through the chief corridor right into the reception, her heavy breathings heard by every student who passed by.

She was greeted by Ms White, who then went on to conduct her to a room that rested on the top of the hill adjacent to the school. The weather was cold and dry; and Ms White, who chose to keep mum while treading the path, kept murmuring something to herself. To Inez, she appeared to be brooding over something serious.

Anyway, as soon as both spotted the desolated room some twenty meters away from where it stood, Ms White mustered the courage to say something to Inez despite knowing quite well that it may lead to terrible consequences. And no sooner had she finished her long-winded sentence than Inez gasped only to fall onto the ground with a thud. Ms White, shocked and upset, sat herself down next to where Inez’s unconscious body lay, tears rolling down her cheeks.

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PS: The first chapter of this round robin was initially posted on The next chapter titled ‘The Omen’ can by read by clicking here.

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I don’t like the dog that follows me.

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[…] PS: This chapter was initially posted on The next chapter titled ‘The Dilemma’ can by read by clicking here. […]