If I Were a Bird

Were I a bird, would I sure fly that high?
As high as eyes yours can now see, my mate.
And from above would I see this sea’s fate?
That flows illumined by the stars in sky…
Do you think I would find out what is sly
by seeing through the sky, the strange estate?
Or ween do you that I just might predate
with wings that could engulf the worlds too nigh?

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Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

If you were asked to take a bird’s form now,
would you desire to be a hen or crow?
Perhaps vulture that none would feed upon,
a tough vulture that down would never bow.
If winds whizzed past, soon you would break their flow,
and wing to split the sky to then be gone.

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18 days ago

The poem is quite intriguing and extra ordinary inscribed,plus the pattern is a lot to make any comment! grand