Sushant Singh Rajput, Drugs, and Fake Media

The day he died, my heart did cry aloud;
His fair fan, after all, I’d been throughout.
‘Died after having hanged himself no doubt’
is what we got to hear till truth spoke loud.
The truth has cleared the air, exists no cloud.
Drug dealers did try hard to use their clout;
But now the message surely seems clear and out.
Really true journos won’t now be cowed.

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This country needs no men who’ve got no spine
to talk about issues concerning all;
So all who have just played around too fine
should now say, ‘Pardon us’ to mend their line.
His sad death has served as a wake-up call
for many men who did just lie and whine.

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Godwin Nwaobasi
1 month ago

May his soul rest in peace

22 days ago

[…] ALSO READ | Sushant Singh Rajput, Drugs, and Fake Media […]