Awfully Alliterating

See that ‘C’?

The letter ‘C’ is crystal clear; creates confusion, chaos, climax, and clutter!
Companions would be friends, but wouldn’t conspicuously chatter.
If ‘c’ didn’t exist, you could never become a cycling clever country catcher,
Christy’s christened name could change, Casper would be called Dasper.

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Your coming would surely cease, and ceasing would conveniently end.
You can’t do your household chores, nor could corruption be condemned!
If ‘c’ ceased, could Christian Bale climb, clouds collect, crowded clubs contend?
Forget China, countries might have to agree on a different name, can’t pretend.

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Chubby children could go missing, for citrus fruits and cows would no more be.
Compassion could turn hypothetical, corrections won’t be done to a tee.
Companies, confidantes and the Coronavirus won’t be confident, you see.
Anyway, creativity still exists, so chill and cheer me if you want, get carefree!

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
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Cedric Noronha
Cedric Noronha
1 month ago

Very informative post. Nicely written. Keep up the good work.

1 month ago


Pramod jangid
1 month ago

Great Content

1 month ago

Wow never thought of C that way very nice write up keep it up

Joseph R. Mason
1 month ago

Love it!

25 days ago

Interesting. I am currently working on a 26 chapter opus, The Odd Asylum. Each chapter is dedicated to a letter of the English alphabet and contains every word in the OED beginning with that letter.

I’m three chapters in, A-C, because it takes approximately six months to complete a single chapter by the time I read and learn every word, its meaning and etymology.

I may live long enough to finish it. I may not. I’ve calculated it will take eleven years of full-time writing (that’s 6am-10pm each day) and I often get distracted by things like Twitter.