Like That Only

The Free Indian

In a country called India I happily abide
As a free and excogitative soul;
With 1.4 billion people at my side,
I tread cautiously towards my goal.

Today as we celebrate Independence Day;
I would like to state this crystal clear:
If you are in India, you have a say;
And that you have to keep in mind, my dear.

Tough times might well bechance us;
But that shall make none of us fear or hate.
Even something like a deadly virus
Can never allow us from our path deviate.

I hail from India, the land of the mighty and lofty Himalayas;
Let’s hail India, the land that shall eternally safeguard the Vedas.


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Cedric Noronha
Cedric Noronha
2 months ago

Very good post. Nice sonnet. Keep up the good work.
2 months ago

What kind of camera is this? That is certainly a decent premium quality.

Mayank Sharma
1 month ago

nice post